My painted shorts came out beautiful! I stole the idea off this blogger who painted the Martinique Beverly Hills Hotel wallpaper pattern on shorts for a charity auction and as a DIY feature for her blog. Well, I wanted a pair too!

This is regular acrylic paint with liquitex’s fabric medium mixed in. Although liquitex’s medium didn’t specify, I also set the paint with an iron since most fabric paints require that. So far I’ve worn them around the house with no problems of stiffness or cracking. Fingers crossed it stays that way, though I think it could also look kind of cool “distressed.”



BFF Wall, 56”x48”, acrylic on canvas, 2014

Artist: Elizabeth Hildick 

(that’s me, your humble bloggess)

In honor of the start of Bedtime Stories, I’ve decided to publish my Tim and Eric painting.

I finished this giant thing awhile ago, but it was too big to photograph properly. I finally gave in and decided to just snap some pictures with my phone. The quality isn’t great but you can get the idea. Click to embiggen.